Frequently Asked Questions.

Are they permanent structures?

Stretch tents are not permanent structures. EEZIFLEX custom stretch structures are ideal for semi-permanent applications.

Are they waterproof?

EEZIFLEX custom stretch structures are 100% waterproof. MK fabric is finished with waterproof stretch coating and further treated with a hydrophobic application. Furthermore we use an unrivalled dual process seam technology for extra seal and strength.

Do they meet fire safety standards?

Our fabric is FR engineered . This can be supplemented with topical FR treatments to meet varying local standards.

How do we maintain them?

We provide a full cleaning and maintenance instruction + care & repair kit with the sale of each unit. Alternatively our agents offer life cycle maintenance plans. The coated fabric exterior allows for an EEZI wash.

Are they easy to erect?

Yes. Smart rigging + the dynamic characteristic of MK stretch fabric + the simple and adjustable rigging structure = installation tolerance. Depending on the size and complexity of the project an EEZIFLEX custom stretch structures (especially one designed to fit into a specific space) may require supervision to install and/or remove.

Can we fit them over trees, pools other obstacles?

Yes. The essential nature and advantage of EEZIFLEX over typical rigid PVC membranes is its dynamic ability to fit into, over and around almost any obstacle without complex engineering.

Can you waterproof them against a building edge?

Yes. Provided the surface is fairly flat and smooth we can fix moulded profiles to the building and slide our membranes into these creating a clean seal. This profile can be straight or waved.

What are the maximum width, height and length dimensions?

EEZIFLEX custom stretch tents are made up to a maximum size of 400m2 for handling purposes. However we can link tents to any size.

We fabricate in lengths up to 50m . Tents widths are determined in any multiple of panel width, approx 1.48m each. We then custom shape the tents by trimming from this modular format.

Maximum recommended height is 6m

How long does the fabric last? Does it carry a guarantee?

MK Fabric is the most robust of stretch fabrics. It has a conservative average expected lifespan of 2-3 years. This can extend depending on prevailing climatic conditions, maintenance and handling care*.

We offer a 1 year guarantee on seam workmanship.

*Fabric longevity depends on a combination of prevailing conditions such as: UV intensity, humidity, salt and pollutant composition in air, tree leaf and sap discharge, bird and wildlife activity. It also varies according to the degree of maintenance care and handling.

How do they perform in wind?

EEZIFLEX custom stretch structures absorb and exhaust wind due to the 2-way stretch characteristic of MK fabric. Under ideal conditions, this translates into maintaining structural integrity up to a Beaufort 8 wind scaling.
The method of installation and wind characteristic will however determine the tolerance of the tent in windy conditions.
Stretch tents are not permanent structures, therefore caution is advised in extremely windy conditions. The great advantage is that the tents can be adjusted or removed and reinstalled if necessary.

Can we brand them?

Yes. We can brand up to 1300mm x any length. We adopt a durable digital print method.